While water is necessary for human life, it’s also quite destructive if not contained. Water damage can come in a variety of forms, amounts, and smells (yuck!) But, Assurance is ready to tackle them all.

Water damage restoration in indiana

Water damage can be caused by many different things.

  • Ruptured potable water (the good stuff)
  • Ruptured gray water lines (the bad stuff)
  • Leaking roof or foundation
  • Poor toilet seal
  • Even consistent splashing in a bathtub
  • + Many more causes

Water damage, if caught early can be a fairly painless restoration process. But, if it’s been occurring for a while, there can be substantial microbial growth, rotten and weakened joists/supports, and not to mention the ugly streaks/dots of discoloration.  Regardless of what stage the damage is in, Assurance can get it all taken care of.